The Musicians

    Jennie Alexander, piano and vocal, played repertory jazz with Baltimore’s Southland Trio during the 1950’s.  Later, she chose another profession and her musical pursuits focused on study and composition. She is a student of earlier jazz music. She also composes ballads and art songs that evolve from her interest in jazz and the blues. 

    Gary Kerner, string bass, brings a long musical career to the trio. He studied bass at Towson University and was bassist with the Hank Levy Towson University Big Band. He has performed with the Baltimore City Municipal Big Band since 1971. He performs regularly throughout the Baltimore area. 

    Phillip Butts, drums, is a dedicated musician with broad professional experience. He has been Director of Instrumental Music at Anne Arundel High School for 30 years. For a number of years he has been involved with extended jazz programs for High School Students throughout the State. His professional and educational attainments have earned him the title "Jazz Genie."