The Baltimore Jazz Trio plays ragtime, New Orleans jazz, blues and swing. We are concerned with the roots of jazz music. We respect the unique voice and manner of each style. In the jazz tradition, we add our own improvisations. In addition, the trio plays ballads and art songs composed by Jennie Alexander.

    Since this site was created times have changed, my name is now Jennie Alexander. Until 2007, my name was John Alexander. I thank all those who have been so supportive and kind. Yes indeed, people change, times change, music continues to be wonderful! 

Jennie Alexander 2009

The Baltimore Jazz Trio 2002

The Baltimore Jazz Trio 1952


    The Baltimore Jazz Trio is available for all manner of performances. The Concert setting is more formal and discussion of the music and its history is presented consistant with audience interest. Contact John Alexander. 

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    We thank you for the opportunity to share our love of jazz music with you.